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Be You
Our b kinder workbook programs have been independently reviewed and a
dded to the Be You Programs Directory. The Be You Programs Directory is a searchable database of evidence-based mental health and wellbeing resources offered by a wide range of providers. It is designed to make it easier for educators to decide which program is right for their learning community.
We are honoured that for the past 3 years, the b kinder foundation has been a guest speaker at the NSW IPSHA Social Action Expo. The Social Action Expo is for students to learn about relevant organisations and be inspired to make a positive difference to people in need.

Home Education Association
In 2022 flyhighbillie and the b kinder foundation signed up as a partner with HEA (Home Education Australia). Our b kinder workbooks and programs are available at a discounted price for all Home Educators.

Whitsunday Suicide Prevention Network
In 20221 flyhighbillie and the b kinder foundation partnered with the Whitsunday Suicide Prevention Network. With the help of the The Whitsunday Prevention Network we have rolled out b kinder day in 2021 and again in 2022 to every school in the Whitsundays. With monies raised from our walk for a kinder world fundraising event, we have donated our b kinder workbook program to 4 schools in 2022.

Balonne Shire Council
In 2022 the Balonne Shire Council purchased b kinder workbooks and programs for 6 of their schools in the Balonne Shire. flyhighbillie and the b kinder foundation donated b kinder day cards, posters, and balloons so all 6 of the schools could also participate in b kinder day. The b kinder foundation has arranged for Huber Social to carry out a Social Impact Report for the 6 schools utilising the b kinder workbooks which will give us the “shift” in wellbeing for the students who engaged in the program.

Together4Youth is an Australian initiative working with schools to improve the delivery of wellbeing and transition to work services to students by reducing the administrative burden in the delivery of high-quality non-academic learning programs. Together4Youth providers work in conjunction with each other ensuring delivery is sequenced and coordinated across the school lifecycle.
Together 4 Youth

Huber Social
Huber Social and the b kinder foundation have formed a partnership whereby Huber Social liaises and organises the roll out of the social impact report surveys for the b kinder workbooks with schools.

World Kindness Movement
In February 2021 flyhighbillie/b kinder foundation was invited to become part of the World Kindness Movement. We have made a significant contribution to the global kindness movement as an agent of positive change.

Bambuddha Group
In 2022 CEO Danny Mayson-Kinder was guest speaker at the first ever Kindness Conference Awards hosted by the Bambuddha Group. flyhighbillie and the b kinder foundation are looking at ways to collaborate on a corporate level with the Bambuddha Group.

Campion Education
Campion Education distributes the b kinder workbooks for the b kinder foundation to schools on request.

corporate engagement

Two Men and A Truck
Two Men and A Truck are supporting the b kinder foundation through their Corporate Social Responsibility Program, ‘Moving Together’. Like us, Two Men and A Truck believe in connection and community. Their sponsorship will allow us to continue our early intervention programs and expand our reach into primary schools, ultimately helping to reduce mental health issues, bullying and suicide.
two men and a truck

Leading Edge Life Skills
Leading Edge Life Skills have been supporting the b kinder foundation for many years. They offer unique programs where young people learn from horses in a way that involves them mentally, physically and emotionally, creating immediate change through experiential learning. Their programs and vision align with our own leadership initiatives and their skills based programs are tailored to meet the diverse needs of young people, empowering them with the leadership skills they need to move forward in life with confidence, awareness and resilience.
Clinical Physio
Clinical Physio is a friendly team of Clinical Physiotherapists committed to reducing the need for painkillers, injections and surgical interventions with longer consults and an active, research-driven approach. Clinical Physio are committed to making a difference and will be donating $1 from every appointment to the b kinder foundation.
Stuart Alexander
In 2021 Stuart Alexander's sponsored b kinder foundation and donated monies that helped put our b kinder workbooks and programs into selected  Australian primary schools enhancing the wellbeing of hundreds of children.

The Growth Project
In 2020 flyhighbillie/b kinder foundation was proud to participate in The Growth Project. The Growth Project was a ten month leadership development program that brought together leaders of emerging charities with business leaders so that they could share and learn from their previous experience, grow individually and have maximum positive social impact.

Magellan Investment Group
In 2020 Magellan Investor Roadshow chose flyhighbillie as one of their three charities. As well as showcasing the charity, flyhighbillie received a share of the roadshow ticket sales. flyhighbillie/b kinder foundation reached over 15,000 clients with our kindness message.

Commonwealth Bank
In 2021 the b kinder foundation was awarded a $10,000.00 grant. This grant was used to provide 150 b kinder day kits to small businesses throughout NSW. We estimate our kindness messaged reached over 100,000 people.