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b kinder cards

The b kinder greeting card packs showcase Billie’s beautiful paintings, drawings and quotes. These wonderful cards are blank inside. There are several different packs to choose from (scenic, family, inspiring quotes and christmas). These cards are connecting people and are spreading kindness messages all around the world.

b kinder day single cards

An assortment of greeting cards showcasing Billie's beautiful paintings, artwork and quotes. The b kinder greeting cards are also the main activity on the b kinder foundation's annual b kinder day. Students and people are encouraged to write or draw a message to someone they care about. Quality cards, blank inside. All come with bright red envelopes.

hope book

Hope is the heartfelt collection of poems, narratives and artwork written by Billie Kinder. Through her amazing gifts of empathy and insight, this book is to inspire and give hope to others.