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building resources at your school

become a b kinder school

Together with several schools and education consultants, the b kinder foundation is building a framework for the establishment of b kinder schools.

Becoming a b kinder school will identify each school as demonstrating pro-active leadership which empowers students to become kinder, more resilient and more confident. b kinder schools will need to demonstrate evidence of involvement in several of the b kinder initiatives as well as involvement in their own kindness or philanthropy projects.

school ambassadors

The b kinder foundation is now establishing b kinder ambassadors in schools. Grade 5 students will be selected by their teachers/principal. The criteria for the selection will be for the students who embody the b kinder spirit through their behaviour towards their peers, teachers and the wider community. We hope these positions of b kinder ambassadors are highly respected within their schools and that they are acknowledged for how their actions can make a difference in making the world a kinder and more compassionate place every day.