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overview of b kinder schools and application form

b kinder school – inspired by kindness, empowered by students.

b kinder school is an annual initiative that is led by your student leadership team.
This student-led initiative encourages student leaders to cultivate essential relationship skills while collaborating and connecting with their teachers and peers. It helps teach leadership skills such as empathetic listening, problem solving, teamwork, and appreciation for diversity. The ultimate goal? To empower and inspire the student leadership teams to weave a tapestry of positivity, kindness, and compassion that blankets the entire school.

This annual program encourages role modelling leadership with kindness that inspires other students to want to follow. It ignites a journey towards empathy and compassion, resilience, and confidence. By fostering ownership of their actions, students craft a blueprint for a kinder tomorrow.

b kinder schools is a simple initiative and can be tailored to accommodate the requirements of preschools through high schools. This straightforward program aids lead teachers without necessitating additional training or extracurricular activities, with b kinder available to offer support or guidance whenever needed.

Becoming a b kinder school signifies a proactive approach to student leadership. These schools empower student leaders to actively exemplify and cultivate a culture of kindness, empathy, and compassion throughout the entire school community.

This initiative assigns specific responsibilities to student leaders, empowering them to use their voices and take meaningful action to enact positive change within their school.

There are five key kindness initiatives that serve as criteria for application:

  1. Leading a b kinder day event at your school
  2. Establishing a designated "kindness space" within the school
  3. Demonstrating a commitment to community service
  4. Instituting methods for recognizing acts of kindness among students
  5. Connecting with other student leaders from other b kinder schools or introducing the concept of b kinder day to a new school.

Upon completion and submission of the application and order form, schools will gain access to a one-hour professional development video for lead teachers, as well as detailed information for student leadership teams regarding the above initiatives. Lead teachers will receive a simple password/log-in via email.

For any inquiries, further information, or to connect with one of our b kinder school principals, please reach out to us at:

Below please find our short 2 minute charity video and our 1 minute b kinder day video.

Application and order form

Your b kinder school annual pack includes the following items:

  • Access for the lead teacher page: includes a one-hour professional development video for the lead teacher and information and videos for the student leadership team
  • 1 year’s rental of a b kinder school gate sign (800mm x 600mm) 
  • Opportunities for student leaders to participate in free interactive workshops:  in person (location dependent) and online
  • 6 x b kinder ambassador badges
  • 3 x b kinder day posters
  • 40 x b kinder day greeting cards
  • 1 x student leadership team agreement form
  • Postage/delivery

Please note the interactive b kinder workbooks are designed so that each student receives their own copy. So, to help upskill your student leaders, we strongly recommend purchasing additional b kinder workbooks for each of them based on their age and grade. (order form below).

Total cost $495 - Please tick box to confirm agreement of total cost

Additional resources

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b kinder day resources

wellbeing program resources

There is an assortment of b kinder shirts available. If you would like to purchase some, please see the our range of children/adult products at and comment in the box below which styles, quantities and sizes you require.

Please provide the contact person for invoice and payment.

Please note:

In order to retain the b kinder school sign and status the b kinder school registration and payment is required annually. In the event that your school does not renew we would ask that you please return the sign to our head office:

b kinder foundation
83 Birchgrove Road
Birchgrove NSW 2041

I acknowledge that I will oversee and help instigate the 5 kindness initiatives with the student leadership team.

I agree to the above terms and to purchase the b kinder school pack and additional items as above.