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the special day each year to b kinder

b kinder day: 22nd June

The world could use a little more kindness, so the purpose of b kinder day is to discuss kindness, empower and inspire. b kinder day is about connecting people, being inclusive and being kind. 

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We would like all schools, organisations, businesses and communities to take part in b kinder day. Our actions do matter and we each have the power to make a difference. The main activity on b kinder day is that everyone is encouraged to purchase one of Billie's b kinder cards and write to someone they care about.

b kinder day addresses what it means to be kind and was inspired by Billie Kinder who wanted to make a positive change in this world. Billie's initial and surname actually spells out b kinder. The day started in 2018 and the day has grown exponentially with countries all over the world taking part.   
Download our b kinder day kit below for more information.

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b kinder cards

Billie was always drawing and painting so we took an assortment of her artwork and made them into beautiful quality greeting cards.  

The main activity on b kinder day is for everyone to write/draw in a b kinder card and send a kindness message either to someone they care about or even pop one into a stranger's letterbox.  

There are an assortment of 12 different designs, all blank inside and come with bright red envelopes. All orders over 20 cards include free b kinder day posters and b kinder day balloons. (b kinder day balloons are biodegradable). 


Children write/draw in their b kinder day cards and are then encouraged to take them home to their parents or guardians so that they can help post or deliver them, increasing the ripple effect of kindness.

In addition to sending a card, we encourage each grade/class to take part in other kindness activities. 

These have included: passing toys of kindness , secret kindness name games, visiting nursing homes, planting sunflowers, making cakes for people that are currently homeless and writing kindness stories.

We would love for everyone to take part on b kinder day and upload photos from your day to #flyhighbillie facebook and instagram pages.


b kinder day is a wonderful activity for small businesses, corporates or the community to take part in. Decorate your place of business with b kinder day posters and balloons. You can then encourage your staff to write a b kinder card to someone they care about.  Alternatively, we encourage businesses to give a b kinder day card to their customers on the day and encourage them to pay kindness forward and write a message to someone they know.  

Anyone can join in b kinder day; organisations, businesses, community groups and schools. In addition to sending b kinder cards, we encourage everyone to create their own activities around kindness. The acts are endless . . . making cakes for the homeless, handing out sunflowers to strangers and donating gifts or clothes to people in need.

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"b kinder day is the most impressive and moving school and class event that I have witnessed in my 18 years as a teacher. Students displayed a deep sense of care for special people who had impacted their young lives. In writing their thoughts using b kinder day cards, students were able to express deep feelings. I would highly recommend any school to organise this day, to touch the lives of both young and old alike."

Geoff McNab Year 6 Teacher, Arndell Anglican College


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