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b kinder sunshine initiative

During Covid children in the United Kingdom spent a long dark winter isolated in their homes. Through a discussion with Keith Peterson, Principal at Arndell Anglican College, we decided that their junior school students could send a little bit of sunshine to the UK in the form of kind messages in our b kinder cards. Arndell's students were asked what they thought it would be like for their peers in the UK.  They were encouraged to empathise with them by trying to imagine how it would feel to have been in an extended Covid 19 lockdown during a long dark, cold winter, unable to go to school or see their friends and families.

So began the b kinder sunshine initiative, bringing a little bit of Australian sunshine into the homes of on the other side of the world.

The b kinder cards illustrated with Billie Kinder’s artworks including “Australian beach, birds and gum tree paintings” were to provide support and friendship to the students in the UK, letting them know their Aussie ‘cousins’ have been thinking of them during the tumultuous Covid time!

This initiative has continued and in 2022, four schools in Australia sent b kinder messages to schools in the UK.