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12-year-old Billie Kinder died in a tragic accident in May 2016. Billie was an extraordinary girl in that she had the gift of giving. She gave through her smile, her thoughtfulness, her constant acts of kindness and her amazing gift of words. With a play on her name, (b kinder), Billie's legacy has become one of kindness. Through her empathy and insight, Billie’s b kinder foundation empowers and inspires others and remind all of us that our actions matter and that we each have the power to make a difference through kindness.

Through prevention and early intervention our evidence-based well-being programs and resources help children in their pivotal years by encouraging them to become kinder, more empathetic and more compassionate, helping to significantly reduce severe mental health issues, bullying and suicide in children and young people.

flyhighbillie™ is a registered charity whose purpose is to provide support and assistance to children and young people to help combat bullying, mental health issues and suicide.

flyhighbillie™ also provides assistance and support to children who are in palliative care, suffering life debilitating illnesses including medical distress, disability, mental health issues and grief.

our vision

With Mental Health issues rising, it is vital that we endeavour to help as many children as possible. Our vision is for our b kinder resources to be made available to every child to empower and inspire them, create positivity, build resilience and enhance wellbeing.

We would like all schools to become “b kinder” schools and embrace an ethos of kindness. We want to encourage all organisations to become a “b kinder” workplace and also participate in our annual b kinder day and other kindness events.

Our long term vision is to have “houses of hope” in every city where children and young people can always go and feel safe and connect with others.